Local Brand

The Fuerteventura Biosphere & Rural Quality Local Brand is not only a mark of quality and sustainability, but a guide to work and cooperation for the improvement, commitment and individual and professional growth of the rural accommodation and also with the environment and those around it.

It is more than just a certifying seal. It is a tool for improvement and a reason made reality of tourism as an opportunity for development and sustainable balance between people and nature.

It was born from the opportunity offered by the natural, cultural and ethnographic attractions of the interior of the island of Fuerteventura and aims to help three parties:

1. The professionalisation, training and digitalisation of the Rural Accommodation Network and the link to local resources close to the excellence of service and good environmental practices.

2. The fragility of the natural territory of Fuerteventura and its biodiversity, as well as the need to protect the conservation of rural areas, cultural values.

3. Finally, it is born out of the need for a relationship with a tourist who already exists and is interested in nature, the island's attractions and how to collaborate in preserving this philosophy.

This .org platform unites these three parts in a common message: between accommodation, companies and tourists, we will manage to create a chain of values that will last and give a future to the next generations of the island and the planet we inhabit.

Fuerteventura, Biosfera & Calidad Rural brings you closer to the quality of the authentic, the simple and the values of the rural environment.

It challenges the uncertain issues of the environment, energy, landscape, waste and consumption, culture and local trade and development, practising by example, with the stewardship and conservation of our territory and fulfilling the commitment of the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve to the UNESCO MAB Programme and the United Nations Sustainable Development Tourism Goals as well as the support of the National Network of Biosphere Reserves.