The Rural Charm from Our Rural Accommodations

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Fuerteventura Rural Pass & Greener Act is a virtual card for visitors and tourists to discover, get to know and organise their visit to: accommodation, activities and ecotourism initiatives as well as the rural environment of Fuerteventura in a sustainable way.


It is a free APP that allows the responsible traveller to research and plan their trip, making it easy:

  • Make local experiences and good practices visible.
  • Participate in activities, sustainable experiences, events, volunteering and community work, etc.
  • Support local causes.
  • Give feedback on your personal experience and help other conscious travellers.

It's free to download on Google Play or Apple Store, search for it as Greener Act. By showing that you have downloaded the app in any establishment, hotel, activity that appears on this page, we understand that you are committed to the island and we will compensate you with a detail that can be a discount, a gift, a tasting... in the end it is not simply a commercial card but a way to unite the local community with you.

You will also be helping to improve the livelihoods of local communities and protect the natural environment, while contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda by travelling and acting in a more sustainable way.

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