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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

A house that, behind its golden stone walls and jade pool, holds hundreds of years of history. It looks so resplendent and luxurious that it looks like something out of a movie.

Its owners...

Inma and Carmelo are the owners of this space, and they dedicate all their time to these houses, all their love and dedication is aimed at making their clients feel happy and with all their needs covered. They are owners who love good taste in decoration, comfort and detail. In their good work and professionalism they deserve the SICTED seal of quality that they have as recognition for this work.

The uniqueness of the space...

The 18th century house was a place for animals, and it has been renovated and oriented towards an experience of disconnection, intimacy, comfort and sensations. It is an accommodation very much in line with current trends. To experience the comfort and the scent of the new within its ancient walls is a very seductive sensation.

The heart of this extraordinary 600 m estate is its private swimming pool and the size of the terrace with barbecue. A huge glassed-in living room with integrated kitchen, a spacious bathroom in ivory colours and chromatic bedrooms with original stone walls, decorated with a lot of personality and high quality. 

The small library and information about the house, gives you space to get to know the place more deeply.

The surrounding space...

Situated in the centre of the island with access to beautiful beaches, charming villages and the north and south of the island, it is a perfect accommodation to visit other places and places on the island.

The visitor will notice the landscape of plains and mountains near the coast that can be seen from the entrance and from the solarium of the swimming pool.

You can go on foot or by bike, provided by the owners, to a number of places in the area such as supermarkets, artisan bakeries, the Aloe Vera factory...

A place on the island to...

Swimming in the pool at sunset or with the first light of day, eating fruit or vegetables from the baskets of the island's farm products that you can buy in nearby supermarkets, disconnecting without giving up the select, receiving yoga, meditation or reiki classes, enjoying a massage in the morning, are just some of the many proposals that this rural house offers us.

An accommodation to be able to work thanks to its quiet outdoor and indoor corners enabled and inspiring.

A place to rest, to retreat, and for groups of families, friends or specialists and researchers, which together with La Morisca house can accommodate 10 - 12 people.

When you visit, you will feel...

The select comfort in a house with an old soul and a long history dressed in silk. 

A house that if you are a lover of the island and want to get away from the tourist centres without giving up comfort, you will know that this is the place for you.

A house where, from the stories and sensations written by other guests in the guest book, you will immediately recognise that here, it is very nice.

To be continued... Casa Teberite

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

Absence of noise and energy pollution:

Double hatch windows for safety, temperature conservation and soundproofing. 

Sustainable mobility. The house has a bicycle rental service and encourages walks in the area to trails or to the village of Tuineje.

Accessibility: due to its dimensions and ramp access it is partially suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Responsible information: it has information, guides and promotes local commerce.

Protection of the Starlight Reserve: Directed outdoor lighting that allows observation of the night sky.

Energy management. Low consumption electrical appliances and LED lighting.

Excellence in quality and service: SICTED seal of tourism quality.

Protection of the local flora in its gardens

 Waste management: recycling in the house

  Unique services

Near the house...

From the airport

30 Kms

Leisure and culture in the surroundings

  • Town centre: Tuineje 0,5 Kms
  • Local supermarkets, chemist, petrol station, local restaurants in Tuineje   
  • Village of Tuineje and its San Miguel Church 
  • Centro de Interpretación Molino de Tiscamanita (Tiscamanita Mill Interpretation Centre) 
  • Cultural environment of Pájara and its Church  
  • Historical village of Betancuria    
  • House of Cheese          
  • Museum of Majorero Cheese in Antigua 
  • Agricultural landscape with windmills, mills, gavias and wells

Nature in the surrounding

  • Caldera de Gayría Natural Monument   
  • Protected Landscape Malpaís Grande    
  • Protected Landscape Malpaís Chico      
  • Cuchillos de Vigán Natural Monument   
  • Betancuria Rural Park       
  • Close to protected bird areas ZEPA, ZEC and IBAS.
  • Close to guirrera (wild feeding area of the Guirre Majorero).
  • Close to nature trails and famous footpaths.
  • Near beaches: 
    • Pozo Negro 21 Kms
    • Ajuy 20 Kms