Link to Cultural Heritage

The island has two historical stages: pre-conquest and post-Castilian conquest, from 1402 AD onwards.

As in many places in the world, the mixing of races has brought diversity and a mixture of cultures that is evident in the artistic manifestations, expressions, literature, in short, in its spaces and its people.

There are sacred places, aboriginal settlements or museums that show important stages or dedications of the basic cereal economy, fishing or salt, so important for the subsistence of such a struggling land, where the scarcity of water and food have been the real protagonists.

There are houses where you can go for a walk to all these natural spaces or museums, and other houses where the museum is with them, as the owners themselves are guardians of their family objects and art.

Fuerteventura, Biosfera & Calidad Rural, will facilitate the access to know and understand these places, with recommendations, discounts and gestures to the rural guest.

 The history of this island will mark you.