Link with Local Crafts

The artisans and artists are the guardians of the aboriginal, cultural, mythological and functional traditions, in short, local art is the internal expression of the spirit of the island, a hymn to not losing your precious roots.

With their hands and their work they do not make objects, but preserve and spread what others did and said before.

For some reason and somewhere on the island, many men and women carved the little wood that existed to make figures, doors and windows, the aborigines worked the engravings and pottery to collect and store food, sustenance and goat's milk, they wove coats in the looms with the wool of the sheep that the women put thread to exchange as a barter for coins or food.

Through our artisans you can access the history and many lives of the island and participate in its preservation.

In some houses they make it easy for you to contemplate or acquire pieces from artisans or information about places where you can buy and help them to continue their historical legacy.

Their protection is more than just taking home a unique piece.