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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

A rural house called Casa Pilar, where from the door of the finca you enter a paradise of landscape and crops, as well as numerous ecotourism possibilities with a great inner conscience. 

The owners...

Luis and Aurora are the third generation of the Mesa family and together with their parents, have worked on a great project full of professionalism and enthusiasm and unique on the island based on sustainable development and interest in the integration of space in the essence that keeps this place.

A family full of projects, illusion and conscious work that started with grandmother Pilar, a family of workers of these lands some years ago.

The uniqueness of the space...

With the soul of a traditional Majorero house and the comforts of a comfortable and new space, Casa Rural Pilar appears in front of you.

A space with an absence of noise, with huge interior windows so you can enjoy the light and the sunsets of Fuerteventura. 

Inside, comfort is what stands out among its chromatic and tastefully decorated rooms and bedrooms. It is an ideal space to work and disconnect from the routine as a couple or with the family, as the children will have their fun safely in the garden with no cars or dangers. It highlights the intimacy and privacy.

The outdoor swimming pool, protected and integrated in the landscape, invites you to cool off and relax in such a pure environment with sounds of different birds, thanks to the project of Charca that is being implemented for the observation of species with respect. 

The patio, the barbecue and the private terrace complete this unique experience.

The surrounding space...

On arrival you pass through the well-kept Aurora organic farm, dedicated to the production of olive oil and aloe vera. You can experience how Aloe is produced and its properties at first hand by the owners or the work team of the farm.

The environment is flat and with long distances to let the view rest on the surrounding mountain systems like a film set.

The marvellous absence of light pollution allows you to experience the night inside an outdoor observatory, as if the stars were touching your hands. Of the rural lodgings, it is perhaps the one with the best conditions for astronomical observation with a pleasant dinner.

A place on the island to...

Learn a little more about this famous crop of the island, its properties, the olive grove, the birds that come early in the morning, the souvenir shop with organic products from the island and the Canary Islands.

Stargazing, with a telescope and activities related to stargazing. 

For Digital Nomads and people who are looking for accommodation where they can work and find themselves concentrated and calm. 

For those looking for colours, pinks, mauves, a Chromotherapy house. 

Enter the pool, take a mountain bath and meditate or write, or do that activity that you never have time for in your routine life. 

When you visit, you will feel...

That the birds flood the branches of the trees and flora surrounding this house, the landscape captivates your eyes and the house invites you to sit down, to rest and spend some unforgettable days. 

An accommodation towards an ecological walk, a space of creativity, comfort, smells and flavours give yourself a gift, treat yourself. 

To be continued... Rural House Pilar

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

Own ecosystem as bird habitat

Sustainable energy management with photovoltaic panels.

Waste management with recycling and composting

Sustainable water management with reuse of grey water for cultivation and four groundwater wells.

Low light pollution: external lighting following Starlight Reserve criteria and organisation of professional observation activities.

Sustainable mobility: access to nearby trails and routes. well connected by public transport.

Tasting of local organic products with BIOFARM organic certification from the CRAE.

Organic natural cosmetics in Fuerteventura 

Ecological cleaning products

No noise pollution

  Unique services

Near the house...

From the airport

25.6 Km

Leisure and culture

  • Nearest town Playitas 14 kms, Tuineje 18,6 kms
  • Local supermarkets, pharmacy, petrol station, local restaurants in Tuineje   
  • Aboriginal archaeological village La Atalayita
  • Village of Tuineje and its San Miguel Church 
  • Interpretation Centre of the Mills of Tiscamanita 
  • House of Cheese and nearby traditional cheese dairies          
  • Viewpoint and lighthouse of La Entallada
  • Las Playitas High Performance Sports Centre, Gran Tarajal Fishing Open, fiestas and events in Gran Tarajal


  • Caldera de Gayría Natural Monument   
  • Protected Landscape Malpaís Grande 
  • Protected Landscape Malpaís Chico   
  • Cuchillos de Vigán Natural Monument   
  • Betancuria Rural Park       
  • Close to protected bird areas ZEPA, ZEC and IBAS.
  • Close to guirrera (wild feeding area of the Guirre Majorero).
  • Close to nature trails, network of famous footpaths and cycle routes.
  • Nearby beaches: 
    • Pozo Negro Beach 11 km
    • Beach of Las Playitas 13 km
    • Gran Tarajal Beach 14 km
    • Castle Beach in Caleta Fuste 20 Km
    • Costa Calma Beach 39 Km