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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

A house called Las Portadas where time stands still when you cross its doors and through its walls, you arrive at a museum of memory and tradition, a historical gem, where there are stories and objects intact.

Its owners...

Pedro, the owner of the house, is a person who knows and loves history, poetry and culture and he conveys this when he welcomes you. A person who makes time for the tranquillity of having time for his guests. 

Do you know any place in the world where you stay and the next door is a museum built and opened by the owner of the house? You can visit with Pedro, his Museum of Traditions, and he personally explains the history of this space. A luxury for the ears.

The uniqueness of the space...

Las Portadas houses date back to the 18th century, inherited by the owner's family, it had been the priest's house built at the time of the military power in La Oliva. Integrated into the landscape and the village of La Oliva, they conserve the purity with which they were built and the authenticity of their roofs, windows, doors, simple and original furniture ....que, gives them that rustic character of the rural village houses.

The accommodation also has a unique library where you can find old tomes, stored objects and unexpected books. 

Las Portadas has two houses equipped with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and as you leave the house, amidst the flowers, there is a pleasant terrace overlooking the garden of cactus-trees and palm trees that interchange when you look between the silhouette of the church of La Oliva.

This huge garden of cactus and palm trees is one of the wonderful oddities of this space reminiscent of fantasy.

The surrounding space...

Surrounded by sandbanks and farmland, no other construction violates its condition of isolation,

La Oliva is a municipality with a heart of history where you can visit culture, art and inspiration in its spaces and buildings. 

In the views behind, the volcano of La Arena with its colour between lichens, gives us another image to remember.

Start your day with a walk to the traditional bakery and taste the sweets, the atmosphere and the gastronomy of the rural area where this accommodation is located. 

A place on the island for...

A place to visit museums, you can spend a full day visiting spaces with works of Canarian art, understanding the traditions and discovering the stories of its people.  

In the houses you have comfortable and wide tables, with a large window nearby to work, there is also a cultural centre nearby, Raíz del Pueblo where you can hold meetings or use as a study and work space. 

Being in rural areas you can enjoy walks along the surrounding trails and if you have already been to the island, enjoy it also from the tranquility without giving up the services.

A space unlike any other accommodation, its guests say that it has an old character that you will perceive as soon as you enter. 

You can come with your pet to this picturesque cultural Casa de La Oliva, if you wish.

When you visit, you will feel...

The solemnity as you enter, of walls and furniture full of wisdom and life, the need to know more, to take the books from the library and investigate, to connect with the history of this place.

The privacy and the protected orientation towards the south, towards that garden and that village silhouette, where the cacti dance...

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

Promotes sustainable mobility:

Proximity to bus stops with fercuencias.

Sustainable water management: awareness-raising messages

Information about shops, walks, interesting restaurants in the area to go on foot as well as footpaths, local market...

Energy management: Lighting with energy-saving bulbs

Responsible information about the island by the owner.

Minimal noise pollution

  Unique services

Near the house...


From the airport

30.4 Km

Leisure and culture

  • Nearby towns, Villaverde and La Oliva 0,500 kms 
  • Villaverde, La Oliva and Cotillo are service and leisure areas with restaurants, cafes, supermarket (in front) ...
  • Municipal swimming pools, gymnasium, yoga centres,
  • Traditions market of natural and organic products every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Cultural environment of La Oliva with La Casa de Los Coroneles, the Church of La Oliva, the Museum of Art Casa Mané, the Museum of the Cilla ....
  • Museum of Traditions.
  • Guriamen de Villaverde Cheese Factory.
  • Traditional festivals from February to November.


  • Malpaís de la Arena volcanic landscape
  • The Cave of El Llano in Villaverde
  • Tindaya Natural Monument
  • Trails and Routes nearby
  • Sporting events such as the Dunes Marathon, Lobos Swimming Crossing...
  • Beaches:
    • Dunes of Corralejo 18 kms
    • Beaches of Cotillo 18 kms