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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

A simple rural house full of curious corners in the centre of La Oliva, which dates back to the time of the bourgeoisie, the 18th century.

Its owners...

Pedro, is a humble man of letters, poetry, warmth and will tell you many details about the place and the island.

The smile, the closeness and all the details he tells you, introduce you to a world of tales and stories of Fuerteventura. 

Passionate about his work as a guide and storyteller, Pedro's guests love his company and knowledge. When someone is dedicated to what he loves, you can feel it in the moment you meet him.

Pedro, as an admirer of culture, is also the owner of a nearby museum, the Museum of Traditions. Imagine, just imagine how special this house must be.

The uniqueness of the space...

The emblematic house has a historical heart and is in a cultural enclave that gives it a sovereign, wise character.

Casa Rural Quintana is a simple and picturesque house that you will not find anywhere else in the world, unique for its antique objects and its owner. The house, apart from enjoying the peace and quiet of the area, has a layout that allows us to enjoy the charm of the architecture of La Oliva.

It has high ceilings where you can rest your eyes with a master double bedroom, another double bedroom, kitchen, living room and a large bathroom.

The house is built around a Canarian patio, protected from the inclemency of the weather by a glass roof that gives it a splendid light and makes it the protagonist. 

Surrounding spaces...

Located in the village of La Oliva, a village to explore and learn about, with surroundings of natural charm, historical heritage, and erected by the inhabitants of La Oliva, who look after and care for their spaces. 

The house is located in the centre of the village, where you can enjoy architectural walks, visits to museums and unique cultural centres.

The views at sunset between oranges and reds with the pyramidal silhouette of the Tindaya Mountain are breathtaking.                      

Enjoy the good transport links and close proximity to the famous beaches of the north. The bus stop is right next door.

The house is surrounded by streets, pavements, bakeries, improvised conversations, cafés and volcanic landscapes all around. 

A place on the island for...

A house of knowledge, in a cultural environment that inspires you to create, to write, to work. Ideal for Digital Nomads, people who like the village atmosphere. 

A place for a getaway with your family, with your partner, with a group of friends because of the size of the house.

Ideal space for sustainable mobility or if you do not feel like taking the car on holidays, you can go on foot, by bike to buy the bakery, to visit a museum, to make a route in the surroundings, etc. ..... or by bus.

A house that invites you to relax inside, thanks to its privacy and temperature protection, perfect for any artistic development.

When you visit it, you will feel...

That the light invades the rooms of the house, forming different drawings on the walls, high ceilings to feel spacious and comfortable. A house that surprises with its labyrinthine interior and with a traditional cistern in one of the corners. 

The house is picturesque, like a work of art to be discovered. 

To be continued...Casa Quintana

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

Promotes sustainable mobility:

Proximity to bus stops with fercuencias.

Sustainable water management: awareness-raising messages

Information about shops, walks, interesting restaurants in the area to go on foot as well as footpaths, local market...

Energy management: Lighting with energy-saving bulbs

Responsible information about the island by the owner.

Use of non-aggressive cleaning products

Minimal noise pollution


  Unique services

Near the house...

From the airport

30.1 Km

Leisure and culture

  • Nearby towns, Villaverde and La Oliva 0,500 kms 
  • Villaverde, La Oliva and Cotillo are service and leisure areas with restaurants, cafes, supermarket (in front) ...
  • Municipal swimming pools, gymnasium, yoga centres,
  • Traditions market of natural and organic products every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Cultural environment of La Oliva with La Casa de Los Coroneles, the Church of La Oliva, the Museum of Art Casa Mané, the Museum of the Cilla ....
  • Museum of Traditions.
  • Guriamen de Villaverde Cheese Factory.
  • Traditional festivals from February to November.


  • Malpaís de la Arena volcanic landscape
  • The Cave of El Llano in Villaverde
  • Tindaya Natural Monument
  • Trails and Routes nearby
  • Sporting events such as the Dunes Marathon, Lobos Swimming Crossing...
  • Beaches:
    • Dunes of Corralejo 18 kms
    • Beaches of Cotillo 18 kms