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  Essential description

Once upon a time...

A paradisiacal space at the beginning of a valley called Fimbapaire where some houses were born in the 18th century. This place is an escape from the routine, from the noises of the mundane and its landscape of earth, mountain and sky is infinite purity. 

Its owners...

The sensations that describe this house are linked to its owner, Pedro, a man of knowledge, of love for his territory, of extensive culture on the historical heritage, poetry and pleasure for the simple life. A man with a soft look, calm words and closeness. 

The Singularity of Space...

Fimbapaire is a name of harmonious phonetics, also poetic, surrounded by legends and historical resonances and is related, according to tradition, to the arrival of military power in Fuerteventura in the 18th century. It is said that the first colonel lived here when he arrived in La Oliva, temporarily, before moving to the mansion that was built at the end of the plains of La Oliva, the Casa de los Coloneles (House of the Colonels).

Today it is a place where silence is evident, an unforgettable place to savour the peace, but above all a place that contains the hard work of collective effort, complicit with its natural environment, generation after generation.

The house had spacious rooms, strong walls, good stonework and gabled and hipped roofs in teak wood, with thirteen rooms with their hen house, two bakeries, corrals for the cattle, etc.

The house was renovated in 2000 and one of its singularities is the south-facing patio with views of the mountains, the gullies, the local vegetation and barbecue... the decoration is simple and traditional.

The surrounding area...

It is a rural house surrounded by generous land where in rainy years the island's traditional agricultural work was carried out. Many photographs and documentaries portray these "Roses" or cultivated fields. La Rosita de Fimbapaire, a first class agricultural unit in Fuerteventura, is still surrounded today by the cultivation of tuneras, from which the cochineal dye and the fruits of the tunos were extracted. 

Dry crops were grown here: lentils, peas, wheat, potatoes, garlic, onions, millet, etc., as well as fruit trees typical of these latitudes, such as fig, pomegranate and mulberry trees.

Mountains in ochre tones, the green of the cactus and native plants is a place to retire, to rest. The surrounding area is the classic landscape of Fuerteventura, where its people live. 

A curious place as the orientation offers you solitude and at the same time you are in an environment between two villages with services where you can walk to La Oliva or Villaverde. There are famous restaurants and supermarkets of the island less than 500 mtrs from the house.

A place on the island for...

Couples or people travelling alone, as it is a space for reflection, an intimate space, for a digital detox, or to go on a trail route around, a space of calm and serenity. 

It is a perfect place to promote sustainable mobility, as it is very close to the village of La Oliva, it is a pleasure to cycle through the mountains and have breakfast or visit its museums.

The owner, Pedro, will guide you with personalised advice thanks to his knowledge.

Stargazing at night, because of the absence of pollution and a clean and healthy sky to watch the stars from the garden.

A place to go anywhere on the island by bus, car... it is very well located.

When you visit it, you will feel...

La Casa Fimbapaire the grandeur of the space, because you take in with the naked eye what in many places you could not reach, your eyes calm and rest on the edges of the mountains, the Casa de Los Coroneles, the silhouette at sunset of the Tindaya Mountain... the sounds of the birds,

Walk towards the mountains when you wake up, let the landscape of Fimbapaire envelop you, you may never want to come back. 

  Eco Sustainable Accommodation

No Noise Pollution

Energy management: low-consumption lighting.

Sustainable Mobility. Walking is encouraged on the surrounding paths, well communicated on foot and by bus with local populations.

Absence of light pollution and orientation of the exterior lighting towards the conservation of the sky and the Starlight Reserve of Fuerteventura.

Promotes the conservation of local fauna and flora in and around the garden.

Responsible island information with a personalised guide by the owner.

Sustainable Rural Space maintaining its respect and coherence with the natural environment without

the natural environment without landscape impact.


  Unique services

Near the house...

From the airport 

33 Kms

Leisure and culture

  • Nearby towns, Villaverde and La Oliva 0,500 kms 
  • Villaverde, La Oliva and Cotillo are service and leisure areas with restaurants, cafes, supermarket (in front)...
  • Municipal swimming pools, gymnasium, yoga centres,
  • Traditions market of natural and organic products every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Cultural environment of La Oliva with La Casa de Los Coroneles, the Church of La Oliva, the Museum of Art Casa Mané, the Museum of the Cilla ....
  • Museum of Traditions.
  • Guriamen de Villaverde Cheese Factory.
  • Traditional festivals from February to November.


  • Malpaís de la Arena volcanic landscape
  • The Cave of El Llano in Villaverde
  • Tindaya Natural Monument
  • Trails and Routes nearby
  • Sporting events such as the Dunes Marathon, Lobos Swimming Crossing...
  • Beaches:
    • Dunes of Corralejo 18 kms
    • Beaches of Cotillo 18 kms